5 Kid-Friendly Ways to Survive a Road Trip

For most families, road trips are the best ways to enjoy a vacation. However, these are the times where some must overcome challenges such as breastfeeding, potty training, tantrums, and even the rare five minutes of quiet time.

Want to know how to prepare yourself for situations like these and more? Check out these five kid-friendly ways to survive a road trip.


Stock up on Snacks

Prepare a cooler with food that you can eat quickly. Bring some sandwiches, cheese sticks, fruit, crackers, etc. Be sure that your kids will be able to eat the food themselves – or else the trip may end up causing you to make a detour to the next carwash. Don’t hand out snacks like yogurt tubes or candy. They will likely end up all over your children.

Bring Devices

We know – it’s vacation. But when you spend hours long on the road, one can only enjoy the same scenery for more than an hour to so. Children have short attention spans and may even become cranky once left with nothing to do. Bring your devices such as your tablets, DVD player, game players, etc. let the kids enjoy the time allotted to play on the devices and keep your insanity intact. This may help maintain the children from whining and arguments the entire trip.

Set the tune

Children love music. Use your iPod to create a unique list for the journey or turn to your favorite radio stations. Allow the older kids their private space and some headphones.

Don’t Stress

Just go with the flow. Even with all the preparation, you may still face the challenges of road trips. Just dig deep and pull out the extra spare of patients and remember to enjoy the rest of the journey.

Check the weather

Nothing is worse than going on a road trip in horrible weather, especially with your kids. Not only is this dangerous, but it may also ruin the entire experience altogether. Be sure to check the weather conditions that lead up to your destination. Otherwise, you may end up spending time inside the hotel room instead of enjoying the great outdoors.

Got any more tips to surviving a road trip with kids? Tell us what you think!

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